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Frequently Asked Questions


What is raw milk?

Raw milk is is milk that has not been pasteurised or heat treated. It has no food miles and is no older than 24 hours when put into the vending machine. Which means its deliciously fresh rich and creamy.


Are Bottles Provided?

Bottles are provided in 1 or 2 litre form in a fridge next to the vending machine, free of charge and always available. You can also buy recyclable glass bottles in the raw milk shack for £2.50. 


Is raw milk safe to drink?

Yes raw milk is safe to drink. We are providing safe and healthy milk every day. We test our milk specifically for human consumption through a lab every fortnight to ensure we are above standards which we have never failed to be. 


Is raw milk environmentally friendly?

There is a lot of bad press regarding livestock farming and its environmental impact in the news at the moment. You can be assured that the purchasing of local, sustainable and grass fed milk is one of the best things you can do for the environment. Our milk has below zero food miles. Our cows are fed grass, while providing us with natural fertiliser in the form of their manure. Compare our below zero food mile natural milk, with plant based alternatives such as almond "milk" that has been flown or shipped to the UK from South America, holding massive food mileage and a large impact on the local populace and wildlife of South America, you can assured that we are very proud of our environmentally friendly farm operation.

Glass reusable bottles are also available for purchase in our shop to help reduce your plastic waste.


Is udderly fresh raw milk organic?

No, however our cows are grass fed and out at grass for nine months of the year.   


Is there antibiotics in milk?

No, cows that have been treated with antibiotics are milked separately and that milk is then disposed off, so that there is no chance the antibiotics can get into the food chain, or into your milk.


Are the cows fed/injected with growth hormones, which pass through into the meat and milk ?

No, the use of growth hormones has been banned in the UK and the EU since 1989.

Myth Busters

​​​​Myth 1

Cows are fed/injected with growth hormones, which pass through into their milk and meat.


NEVER ON OUR FARM – it is illegal in the United Kingdom since 1989.

Myth 2

Cows are fed beef and/or other meat.


NEVER ON OUR FARM and it is illegal and cows are vegetarians!

Myth 3

Milking cows are kept in small cubicles, in which they are not able to exercise.


Sadly, this does happen on some intensive dairy farms, mostly in America but sometimes in the UK too. 

NEVER ON OUR FARM our cows are either out in fields during the summer for several months of the year, or during winter keeping warm and dry in our airy roomy state of the art barns.

Myth 4

Male calves born on dairy farms are killed at birth as they are of no use for milking.

Tragically this does happen on some farms, although it is a rare practice nowadays. NEVER ON OUR FARM all our calves are sold to Livestock Link who rear them for beef on local lush green grass.

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