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Meet the Udderly Fresh team


Raw Milk Man / Farmer

Jim runs North Hill Farm with his Dad Ian and brother Will.  It was Jims idea to set up Udderly Fresh and start selling raw milk to the public back in 2016. Jim has loved seeing the  amazing the progress of Udderly Fresh,  starting with the vending machine to setting up the farm shop and now taking our milk online to share with the rest of the UK. The hard work and energy it takes to run the family dairy farm is finally paying off particularly when you see so many happy customers visiting the farm to collect the freshest milk around. The feedback we've received so far has been extremely positive and exciting and thank you for all your continued support.

Swanbourne Endeavour Clare.jpg

Accounts and Operations Manager

Clare run the accounts and helps out with all aspects on the farm when required, including feeding the calves. Clare is in charge of keeping operations flowing smoothly on the farm, and she is also first point of contact for customer service. Clare loves working alongside her family and meeting new people when they visit the farm.


Farm Owner / Farmer

Ian has worked at North Hill Farm for over 30 years, and more recently has had his son Jim back to support him with the day to day management and milking. The diversification into selling our product to the public has been an exciting and positive step forward for the farm. 

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