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Udderly Fresh 


Udderly Fresh Raw Milk is deliciously fresh whole live cows milk which comes straight from the udders of Barker’s happy herd of Cross breds.


It’s fresh, rich and creamy flavour comes from the lush green grass of beautiful Buckinghamshire. 


This amazing milk is completely unprocessed, delivering you with the finest fresh milk around!

Milk Vending Machine:

1 Litre- £1.30

2 Litres- £2.50

Udderly fresh... delivering the finest fresh milk around!! 


Udderly Fresh Raw Milk is simply filtered and cooled and ready to drink. No heavy processing and no food miles. Straight from our cows to you!! The milk from our vending machine is never more than 24hrs old.

Once you have tried our RAW MILK we are certain you will be back for more!

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